It’s Tulip Time in Texas!

February 19, 2013

As with everything this year, tulip time is a bit early! My Darwin Hybrid tulips (early bloomers) are already in full bloom. Here is one of my favorites, 'Apricot Impression' blooming right now in my garden.


If you've been reading my blog for a number of years, you'll know that I'm kind of obsessed with this color. Sort of a sherbet peachy orange...ALL of my roses are this color and I'm always on the hunt for more plant varieties that will fit into my obsessively color coordinated palette.


'Apricot Impression' offers up big,sturdy early blooms, which is characteristic of the Darwin Hybrids. The outside of the flower petals are a creamy orange wiht a tinge of peachy pink.


When the flowers open, you're treated to a bright blaze of peachy orange...a lovely contrast to the purple hue of the stems.

Halleck_tulip_apricotimpression could this not brighten your day! This is why I go to all the effort to buy properly vernalized (pre-chilled) bulbs, then plant ON TIME (prime time is 3rd week of December here in Texas) and plant DEEP (6"-8"). Do this, and you'll be rewarded with gorgeous tulips, even in a mild winter like we've had. Enjoy!

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