Is it strawberry time or what?!

May 13, 2010

It's been a great spring for strawberries! We've got quite a harvest going this year. You know they're perfectly ripe when they pull right off the stem without you having to snip them. My fingers have been pink for days from picking and eating them right off the plants. I just can't help it!


Strawberries are perennials and will usually start producing well the second year after planting in a sunny location. I like to mulch mine with pine needles before the fruit starts to set in early spring to help keep fruit off the soil.


The biggest pest issue I have with strawberries in the N. Texas area is pillbugs (rolly pollys). You can treat strawberries with Spinosad if they become a problem for you. During fruit production plants will need good consistent watering, but be careful because they are also very susceptible to fungal problems with too much water. Make sure they have good drainage. Okay, I've got to go pick more berries!

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