In the Garden: Zipper Spiders

September 18, 2020

Zipper Spiders

Beneficial & Beautiful Spiders

SPIDER SCORE! Sadly, in spite of the wealth of wildlife habitat and food plants in my garden - which is usually overflowing with insects and lizards - we’ve noticed a SIGNIFICANT decrease in insect life this year. Sounds about right for 2020 😢

So I was elated to finally see a large beautiful zipper spider (Argiope aurantia) out in the front garden, who had taken up residence on a Salvia ‘Amistad’. Smart move because this salvia variety is a magnet for pollinators. I'd say she's about the size of the palm of my hand or a bit larger.

Although I’m not super happy about her catching the honeybees - there are lots of grasshoppers out right now that I’d prefer she work on...but nature is nature.

Any cool spiders in your garden this year? Or have you also noticeda big decline in insects?

Are Zipper Spiders Poisonous?

Many people will really freak out when they see spiders this large in their garden. But rest assured, these spiders are NOT interested in you. Zippers spiders are not aggressive by nature, but if you poke and prod at them and they feel threatened, they can bite. If you are bitten, and are a healthy adult, you may have some stinging and swelling, but otherwise be fine. That said, you could have an allergic reaction, which are rare. Just leave these beauties be and you'll both be fine.

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