Honey Bee Swarm

March 29, 2014

Just found a beautiful honey bee swarm in my front garden (on my poor frozen rosemary).

Bee swarm halleck

Don't panic if you find a swarm in your yard - just leave it alone. They'll move on and are not aggressive.

Unfortunately, I do believe this is one of my hives that has decided to swarm. Swarming has become quite a challenge for beekeepers these days. Environmental pressures cause hives to swarm much more frequently. I've re-captured swarms of mine before, but generally, they just swarm again. It's very difficult these days to get a swarm to stay put once the queen has decided to leave.

If it's the hive I think it is, I was going to have to re-queen it anyway...I just wish she wasn't taking half the hive with her! A beautiful bummer.


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