Hello 40…

December 11, 2012

So I've always had this goal to be my own boss by the time I was 40. Since that happened TODAY, the turning 40 thing that is, I decided that it was high time to make good on that deal with myself. So I Thelma & Louise'd it a couple of weeks ago, created my very own fiscal cliff and drove right off it!


As of 12/29/12 I will officially be a free agent full time with Halleck Horticultural. I will be providing horticultural, marketing and business consulting for green industry businesses. I will also continue providing residential horticultural consults. This move will also free me up for more garden writing, teaching, media and keeping my blog up to date here at growLively!

I've had an awesome eight-year run as general manager for North Haven Gardens here in Dallas. I love the business, staff and customers and I'm still highly invested in its success. The plan is for me to continue working with NHG as a consultant so I can help keep up the "awesome".

Happy birthday to me! And happy gardening to you! I look forward to many new gardening adventures in 2013...


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