Green Dallas…should mean more than it does…

June 29, 2009

IMG_0245 Based on my dealings with the City of Dallas as of late, I'd say they need a little help from citizens to figure out exactly just what "green" means. And frankly, I think a lot of Dallas citizens need help with what that means as well. Yes, the city recommends composting on the Green Dallas site,and that's great, but I think they need to take it a few steps further. Greening Dallas isn't just about "building" green for developers, or telling residents how to fertilizer and water their lawns, or driving a hybrid; it's about an entire system of living and that includes a local food chain. I think backyard vegetable gardens, and small livestock keeping for those interested, should be activities promoted by the city as part of the Green Dallas campaign.

Some people seem to be afraid of what vegetable gardening, composting and chicken keeping will "do" to their neighborhoods or property value. Ewwww, it's going to smell, or the chickens will be loud (most people still do not understand the difference between hens and roosters), or I'll never be able to sell my house with that next door. I've also encountered a number of fairly amusing misconceptions about people who do pursue these activities on their property. I think you'd find I fit none of Lucky for me, I live in Litttle Forest Hills, so I'd bet money that my established veggie garden and luxurious chicken coop will add value to my property...and my neighbors love it. 

I think we're facing a number of cultural crisis in this country and the excess of our living has caught up to us. People just can't keep going on living like they may once have. Simple is ok. Simple is healthy.

You can still be hip and sophisitcated and business savvy and look good in high heels and well, smell good...even when you grow your own vegetables, keep a few chickens for eggs, compost all the waste and can the leftovers. I swear.

If you'd like to give the city a shout out, you can do so here:

You should also check out the new American Medical Association's resoution on a sustainable food system, I think it's pages 45-55 of the full report. Good stuff.

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