Gotta make some pesto…

July 19, 2008

I've managed to turn my husband into a pesto lover. He's not one for adventurous food, or many vegetables for that matter, but he's come to love my fresh pesto from the garden. Everything is better fresh. Now he makes  the 10-year old face and says "Are you going to make me pesto tonight?", on a regular basis. I'll be making some tomorrow...Sunday. I have a couple varieties in the garden you might be interested in. 'Pesto Perpetuo' a small variegated variety and 'Sweet Aussie', a bright green variety. Both have a very tight compact growth habit with small leaves. The nice thing about these two is that they are very slow to flower. While both my sweet and purple leafed varieties are already in full flower and leggy (I should have harvested more) both of these are still very tight with no flowers. Yay. So, if you're a fresh pesto addict like we are, you might give these varieties a try. Great for garden or containers.



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