Garden Chat on Ken Druse’s Real Dirt Podcast

March 30, 2013

Ken-druse-real-dirtLast week I had the pleasure of doing an interview with Ken Druse of Ken Druse's Real Dirt blog and podcast. It's a really interesting podcast that covers all sorts of gardening topics and gardening experts for both home gardeners and industry folk like myself. We chatted about gardening trends, how to get people interested in gardening and some of the challenges about perception in the industry. If you'd like to listen you can head over to Ken's blog HERE.

Al little about Ken...he has been called a "gardening superstar." With sixteen books to his credit, frequent television appearances, regular articles for leading national newspapers and magazines, and now with his Podcast, he is one of the nation's leading voices of natural gardening. His groundbreaking book, "The Natural Garden," initiated a design movement that continues to grow in popularity today.   Check it out!

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