Fyi..JULIE is the chicken lady…

May 23, 2009

Polishblack Why is it that the paper wants to come take pictures when you're dirty and sweaty? Why does the tv crew have to come shoot, with no notice, after a long day at work...when I'm tired, in desperate need of a haircut and look like HELL!!  And why do they have to edit out all the good useful comments and use one where I stammer about stupid tomatoes??? Julie..surely you know my pain...LOL. But, these are the things I do for the good of the cause. And at least there are some good shots of the chickies...and Mona sure looks fab...

And btw...JULIE is the chicken lady...I am only chicken lady JR. Her Highness of Horticulture I'll take, but Chicken Lady goes to Julie!

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