FINALLY, the new baby chicks have moved outside…

September 8, 2011

You might remember me posting about the surprise packet of three baby chicks that showed up the week of July 4th...Well, due to the extreme heat this summer, they've been living in my upstairs office up until just this last weekend!

I am SO glad to have finally moved them outside with this break in the weather. They are much happier as well..They were such a cute bunch of chicks and are growing into quite lovely specimens. The Cochin has turned out to be black, as well as the Polish you see behind her. I haven't named these two yet, well, because you just never know what will happen...

Here is the Silver( blue) white-crested Polish...she looks just like Phyllis, so we're calling her Phyllis Jr. lol..She is a HANDFULL. Quite animated and likes to get into trouble. I'm really hoping she doesn't turn out to be a HE...the hairdo is a bit more spiky and swept back, which tends to be an indicator of a male, versus females, which have a more rounded fluffy head of hair. We'll see, fingers crossed.

They are set up in the separate A-frame chicken tractor until they get bigger. The older girls have been dying to get at them and are fascinated...We'll keep them housed separately until they are close to equal in size to the existing flock.

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