Fall harvest of beautiful beans…

October 14, 2009

Aren't these grand? Just picked from my garden, French wax beans called Roc D' Or. You can get organic seeds from Seeds of Change. These are a crisp bean with a buttery flavor. Plants don't take up much space with a max height of about 15"-20". I direct seeded these into the garden for fall harvest back at the end of August/early September. In our area of zone 8 you can plant beans in early spring, around the end of March, June and again in mid- August through early September. I find this last crop to usually be the easiest. 

These plants will continue to produce until it gets cold. All the while, these helpful legumes are enriching the soil with Nitrogen they fix themselves from the atmosphere. A nice bonus for the next crop you plant in that spot. What beats free fertilizer? Ok, a few things, but hey, in the vegetable garden you take the free fertilizer!  Mmmm, can't wait to eat these...


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