EmergentLive: From Passion to Profession BLAB session

May 18, 2016

Are you a horticulture or landscape student, young green industry professional, experienced pro or transitioning careers?

Perception of value in the green industry is a tough topic. Often, young professionals struggle to find a path to the type of career or earnings they want. Experienced pros may not be demanding enough professional respect for the career they are passionat about...and amateur gardeners who want to transition into the green industry profession may not understand what it really takes. I'll be joining the Emergent in Horticulture gang Tuesday night BLAB session to offer my thoughts, experience and strategies to "move from passion to profession" in the green industry. Tuesday, May 24th 7pm, Central time, 8pm Eastern.

Here is the LINK to the live session

Not familiar with BLAB? It's like a podcast, but in live video! You can login with your Twitter or Facebook account, watch the conversation, post questions for us and even join in if selected. BLAB can be used on your computer, or download the app on your phone or iPad. 

The Emergent Facebook group, which is for those working professionally in the horticulture industry (or industry related students) can be found HERE

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