Chicago…Independent Garden Show (IGC)

September 9, 2009

I went up to the IGC (Independent Garden Center Show) about three weeks ago, but have been so busy I haven't had time to post some photos. Just thought I'd share some of the lovely plantings that always adorn the summer streets in Chicago as well as a few product shots from the show. Mostly for I never managed to post any photos from last here ya go. (click to enlarge photos)


The show is hosted down at Navy Pier. This was the 3rd year for the show and as usual, the weather was fabulous. All the Northerners were complaining about the heat. LOL...The 80 degree days were a wonderful welcome reprieve from Texas in August!

Planter_sumac_tigereyes Loostrife_gooseneck

Some of the lovely street planters. Nice use of Sumac 'Tiger Eyes' with tropicals and grasses and an absolutely gorgeous huge swath of Gooseneck Loostrife.

Watercans Glasswareigc

Some pretty printed watering cans we just got in at NHG yesterday as well as some really cute printed tea pot watering cans, tools and wellie boots with all the same prints (super, super cute). Also some beautiful glassware I'm still contemplating...

Plantlightbox Plantdisplayigc

Just some fun display using colored sand as root media...

Streetplanter6 Zebrachairigc

Another lovely street planter with Angelonia 'Serena Purple', cannas and coleus. Another fun display with succulent containers...which were everywhere...

Nikki_newhart partner in crime...harassing Bob Newhart.


Some interesting new modular square foot gardening boxes...interesting concept but they still need to work on pricing etc. It's on my "list"...Also found a new pottery vendor with some really unique strawberry and herb pocket planters. The coolest ones, however, didn't make it on to my camera. Should have an order arriving at NHG in the next couple of weeks...

I have more photos to go through but many turned out a little blurry unfortunately. When you're trying to get through a big show in a short amount of time, you end up taking pictures while you're still kind of Action shots if you will. I'll keep digging for some cool stuff...

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