Big Bend Journey

October 6, 2012

I travel quite a bit from mid-summer through fall. Hence my lack of blogging! Most of these travels are for work. Conferences and buying shows where I check out all the new plant varieties and goods for the nursery trade to prepare for the spring season. But the trip I just returned  from was personal. It was a West Texas journey. Out to Marathon, then Marfa, back to Marathon, Fort Stockton, Big Bend, then Terlingua. And back.

Trailwalk agave

I have lots of photos to share both from my work trips, so you can check out some cool new plants and products, but also some wonderful photos from Big Bend National Park and West Texas in general. This photo is from the Chisos Basin in the middle of Big Bend. There had been a rare deluge of rain a few days prior so plants were popping out in bloom and greening up. Stunning. Enjoy!

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