Beehive project continued…

March 6, 2011

Made some progress on the beehives today. Finished getting the base coats of paint on the brood boxes, which I've painted bright green. I plan to paint the honey supers alternating colors of lighter greens and orange...with some additional decorative painting of flowers and bees. Each hive will look different so that the bees know which hive is theirs...I don't think any other beekeeper will mistake these for their hives either! lol


Finished building all of the honey supers and got them coated with linseed oil. They'll have to dry for 3 or 4 days before I can paint them.


We also got 40 brood frames assembled (only 56 more honey frames to We still have to pop in the brood frame bases.


In order to get the frames put together more quickly, we built a jig...It takes forever putting these babies together one by I definitely recommend the jig.


Next weekend we'll be dropping off our brood boxes so that they can each be seeded with a Nuc (a frame that containes a queen, workers and drones). Can't wait!

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