Baby chicks first visit outside…

July 25, 2011

I took the new baby girls outside for the firs time...They got a little rowdy, so we didn't stay out there long (it's kinda hard to catch these little munchkins once they decide to run, lol). There are two Polish hens and one Cochin. Looks like the black white-crested Polish is actually turning into a speckled, but the Blue looks like she's going to be a lovely color - even her legs are turnig silver. I was hoping for a Blue Cochin, but she's turing out to be a black (you only end up with 25% actual "blues" with any breed, so you end up with the rest being black or speckled, which are both still pretty). Too cute!


Blue Polish chick

Black (or speckled) white crested Polish chick

Black Cochin chick

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