September 15, 2008

So sorry for the overdue update...but such is life! Just a few updates from the veggie garden. Broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower transplants are in the garden now, as well as an additional bed of seeds just started of all the same crops. Also seeded chard, turnips, pak choi, kale and others this weekeend. I'm harvesting black-eyed peas right now - yum! You can seed black-eyed or cow peas here in August, in the hotest part of the summer, and they do just fine. They are a really quick crop and easy to grow. They do seem to have attracted the first of the fall aphids, but that is easily remedied (SQUISH). Still have a second round of egglplant coming on and the peppers will keep on keepin' on until first frost. The fall tomatoes I planted in the front yard are going gangbusters and have already set fruit. The plants in the back seem to have decided they don't want to play this game. Not happy...and I'm not sure why. As you can see on my eggplant photos, flea beetle damage was pretty bad this year. They got to the tomatoes and potatoes pretty bad as well, so that's mostly likely what's holding the Tom's back. Also a photo of a new potato growing fiber back I'm trying out.  

Peas Bean_fava 




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