Nikki’s Tomatoes: Round 2

July 6, 2009

 Ok, so my first round of tomatoes were lost. I had a hard month and did not keep up with my watering and feeding like I should have. Then, once I got back on track, our lovely TX summer came on and, seriously, who/what can survive 104 degree days and 92 degree nights? For round 2 I am planting 'Sunsugar' (my favorite!), 'Celebrity', 'Green Zebra' and 'Golden Mama'. I planted, watered & fed over the weekend. I also mulched the heck out of everything! I wasn't able to do my irrigation system, but I'll do that in about 2 weeks. I'll post how that goes. I have to go over to Les's and see what she did, then Johnny over at NHG gave me some other good tips and direction as well. Until then, I'll be hand watering as needed. Maybe it'll rain????


 Also, I started my backyard this weekend. I'll be posting before and current picts soon. Included here is our only way we could think of to keep our fab new cannas protected from 150 pounds of dogs. Anyone have any other good ideas? I mean, we've gotta take the fort down at some point! Planted cannas b/c they are beautiful, tropical (as is my theme in back), hardy in not so great soil and supposedly easy to care for. I also sprayed my entire backyard with Spinosad. I find that spinosad is the easiest way to keep my lawn and garden flea, buggie free. NOTE: I don't use ANY sort of flea meds on my 2 dogs and I have NEVER had fleas since spraying with spinosad every so often and also I released beneficial nematodes. Started this all about 4 years ago. I highly recommend both products! 


To be continued...

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