Vegetable Gardening 101 Class

Mar 12, 2010

Hi folks, for those of you in the DFW area, I have a few slots left in my upcoming Vegetable Gardening 101, next Wednesday 3/17, 10am-1pm. The class is at North Haven Gardens. We'll have some snacks out, but feel free to bring your lunch or any other snacks you'd like to have with you. This will be a comprehensive class to help you get started on you first vegetable garden, or help you be successful if you already have one in the works!

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Mar 12, 2010
12:51 pm

can toddlers join their mommies for the class?

Leslie Finical Halleck
Mar 12, 2010
1:18 pm

Hi there!
We hate to put any kind of restrictions on these sorts of things (and don’t for 99% of our classes) but for these longer classes that people have to register for, we request that only children 12 and up attend. The class is scheduled for 3 hours, but with Q&A, it will probably run 4 hours. We’ve found that can be too long to keep most toddlers content! Any chance you might be able to find another mommy to do a sitter swap with for the day??

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