Squash and wine…that’s it…

May 27, 2009

Priorities people. I've already cooked several large stew pots of squash, zucchini, peppers, tomatoes and chard with fresh oregano...but the squash keeps coming. I took a lovely photo of the concoction whilst it was stewing...but now can't seem to find it. I harvested an armful load this evening after work, chopped it up until I realized the pot would hold no more. So I went back outside to harvest more...and more...and more...


The bins are full...the shelves are filling up...and there is still more in the garden that should be picked. At least they left a little room for the wine...

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Chris Clark
May 28, 2009
12:00 pm

Well… phooey. I don’t have ANY squashes or cucumbers yet and I’m in DFW too. I really hope I haven’t done something wrong. The plants look reasonably healthy and they o have some flowers on them, but no fruits to speak of yet. I guess I’ll just keep waiting!

Leslie Finical Halleck
May 28, 2009
12:48 pm

Hi Chris…if the plants look healthy and you have flowers now, fruits should soon follow. Do you know what type variety you have? I find that the dwarf bush types tend to be much more productive earlier than some of the traditional vining types.

May 28, 2009
1:05 pm

Chris…I don’t have any yet either. Actually, i have no cukes but I think I have a few teeny tiny squash. Leslie always has stuff before me. She’s like super-grower!

Patience, grasshopper!

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