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Plant Parenting


Addicted to Plants? You might be a Plant Parent! A new book, "Plant Parenting; Easy Ways to Make More Houseplants, Vegetables, and Flowers", teaches you step-by-step with - with tons of photos - how to make more of the plants you love!

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Little Prince of Oregon

TINYPLANTS Discount Code

Connect with Little Prince of Oregon's Retail shop for an amazing selection of Succulents, Houseplants, and Garden plants!​
$ 20% off all orders with discount code: tinyplants through 5/1/21

SolTech Solutions

Attractive Grow Lights for your Living Spaces

​Visit SolTech Solutions to view their awesome ASPECT LEDs for lighting your houseplants. Use my discount code leslie2021 for 15% off your cart!
$ 15% off all your orders with discount code: leslie2021

Mountain Crest Gardens

Hardy & Tender Succulents

SHOP​ tons of hardy and soft succulents, cactus, and air plants for your indoor and outdoor garden.

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