Botany for Gardeners Course, UCLA Extension

BIOLGY X 496.2 Botany for Gardeners Course

If wish you knew more about plants and are ready to deepen your knowledge, come join me through UCLA Extension for my Botany for Gardeners course. 11-weeks, online. You can work through content on your own time but have my personal live guidance throughout the course. The course is open enrollment, and is perfect for hobbyists and pros alike, no matter where you live. This course is also a requirement for the Horticulture Certificate program, for those seeking to advance their green industry professional goals.

“You get me for 11 WEEKS as your personal instructor for the price of about 2.5 hours of my standard consulting fees”


What you can learn.

  • Explain relationships among different modes of plant reproduction and genetic inheritance
  • Establish literacy in botanical nomenclature and terminology
  • Recognize plant adaptations and connect them to the environment
  • Develop foundational familiarity with plant diversity

About this course:

This course provides a general introduction to the study of plant structures and functions, emphasizing these aspects as they relate to the natural survival and cultivation of plants. Topics include types and functions of leaves, stems, flowers, and fruits; plant-water relations; basic genetics; ecological tolerances; and an introduction to plant names and groupings. Many of the topics include ample hands-on experience with plants.

I will be teaching this course SPRING quarter 2024



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