Halleck lithops love taupe

Lithops Love in taupe, Giclee Print

Giclee Print of Original Illustration of Lithops sp

Love decorating with plant art? This is a giclee fine art print from my original illustration of some of my favorite succulents, Lithops spp. also known as living stones. Each print is hand signed and titled.

I've met many plants and flowers in my lifetime and I love to draw and paint them. I work in many mediums from pen and ink to colored pencil, to watercolor, to acrylic, to printing inks! While I love drawing detailed anatomically correct illustrations, I also love representing them in more abstract forms, such as this illustration which focuses on shape and color. My detailed botanical illustrations are inspired by plants I've met or photographed myself in person. I've digitized some of these illustrations and paintings in order to provide more affordable giclee fine art digital prints that are more accessible for decorating and collecting.

Lithops Love, Taupe, Gilcee Print
Giclee Print of Original Illustration of Lithops, Leslie F. Halleck

  • Lithops Love” in taupe is printed on thick white paper with a matte watercolor texture.
  • Background color taupe/tan that picks up a little pink from the illustration: Hex color code #cdc5db
  • Signed, Open edition giclee print
  • Paper size: Square 12 in. x 12 in. (30.48 cm x 30.48 cm), paper weight: 200 gsm -My illustrations can be blown up to larger sizes/dimensions with same high resolution - I can also customize background colors - If you're interested in doing a special order for a larger Lithops Love print then send me an email through my Contact form and let me know what size or color you're looking for).
  • Unmounted / Unframed- You can frame these prints floated, however there is a 1/2" white border around each illustration (you'll only see the border on prints with a colored background) to allow you room to frame with a mat, or frame flush in a square frame.
  • Protection: Each print is coated with two applications of high quality Hahnemuhle Protective Spray, specifically formulated for fine art prints. This is a fine polyvinyl resin that helps provide protection against scratches, water, and is non-yellowing and UV resistant to give your giclee print a long colorful life.
  • Shipping (Currently to US only)*: These prints are mailed via USPS Priority Mail with tracking in a large rigid mailer with a backing board, inside an acid-free plastic sleeve, with padding for protection, and marked fragile. Please alert me right away to any damage that may occur during shipping. It's rare, but of course not 100% avoidable.
  • *This print qualifies for 4-print bundle shipping - order up to 4 prints on the same order and they'll be shipped together for the same price! Note, larger prints fall into different shipping categories. If you want to order more than 4 qualifying prints you may need to pay separate shipping fees at checkout, or complete a 2nd transaction for additional prints if you get a notice the order cannot be shipped to your address.

What is a fine art giclee print*? (Pronounced: zhee·klay). Unlike original prints, which are hand-carved or etched, then printed individually one by one, creating individual original art pieces, giclee fine art prints are essentially reproductions of an original piece as a digital print; but these printers use high-quality, archival-grade inks and papers to produce images that will last for decades. If you don't want to spend the money to acquire the original piece of artwork, a giclee print of the piece is an high quality attractive alternative. (You'll find many artists selling these simply as "signed prints", without making the distinction between an original print and and a giclee or digital reproduction).

*Important Care: Treat your giclee prints carefully just like an original piece of artwork, as the ink can be scratched, just like handprinted ink, paint, or watercolor. I've used a non-yellowing protective spray on each print to help reduce potential scratching, but you should handle carefully by touching only the edges. Do not scratch or rub the surface or touch the printed area if you can help it. Frame under glass or plastic for a long happy print life!

Returns: If the work arrives undamaged but it doesn't meet your expectations, in terms of color etc., please contact me within 48-hours of receiving your order. I will issue you a refund or a gift card credit after I receive the undamaged returned item from you - customer pays the shipping to return it to me. If there is damage to your print in transit please alert me within 48-hours of receipt, and I can send a replacement print (if one is available), or another acceptable exchange or gift card credit or refund for you on a case by case basis. The goal is for you to be happy!

Lithops Love Giclee Print signed
Signed Giclee Print of Original Illustration of Lithops, Leslie F. Halleck
Lithops Love, Taupe, Giclee Print
Giclee Print of Original Illustration of Lithops, Leslie F. Halleck

All images and artwork copyright and reproduction rights 2023 Leslie F. Halleck


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