Halleck Fungi Forest Print

Fungi Forest, Handmade Original Print

Handmade Woodblock Print

"Fungi Forest" is an original open edition woodblock fine art print that has been illustrated, designed, hand-carved and hand-printed and pulled by me, the artist. Each print is numbered in the open edition and signed.

This is not a digital, giclee print, which is a reproduction...each print is an original handmade print.

As an artist, I'm not interested in perfection, but rather expression. A lot of elbow grease goes into each individually made piece, and you'll find slight variations on all of them, from a few flicks of ink here and there, to slight differences in print registration. These slight variations give each print their own unique visual texture that I find interesting.

"Fungi Forest" is printed on Back Ink pre-cut kozo (mulberry paper)

Edition size:

Paper size: 9" × 12" (23 cm × 31 cm), 45 gsm

Oil based relief ink, Colors: Black, some may have a greenish black tint to the ink

Unmounted / Unframed- I recommend framing this piece "floating", but you can certainly use a matte as well.

Shipping (Currently to US only): When ordered individually, These prints are mailed USPS First Class with tracking wrapped in acid-free glassine paper and cellophane for projection in a sealed hard poster tube. When ordered with multiple prints, it will be sent wrapped in acid-free glassine and plastic sleeve with backing board and padding for protection in a flat box. Please alert me right away to any damage that may occur during shipping. It's rare, but of course not 100% avoidable. *This print qualifies for 4-print bundle shipping - order up to 4 prints on the same order and they'll be shipped together for the same price! Note, larger prints fall into different shipping categories. If you want to order more than 4 qualifying prints you may need to pay separate shipping fees at checkout, or complete a 2nd transaction for additional prints if you get a notice the order cannot be shipped to your address.

Returns: If the work arrives undamaged but it doesn't meet your expectations, in terms of color etc., please contact me within 48-hours of receiving your order. I will give you a refund or store credit once I receive the undamaged returned item from you - customer pays the shipping to return it to me. If there is damage to your print in transit again please alert me within 48-hours of receipt, and I can send a replacement print (if one is available), or another acceptable exchange or credit or refund for you on a case by case basis. The goal is for you to be happy!

All images and artwork copyright 2023 Leslie F. Halleck

Fungi Forest, Handmade Print, Halleck
Fungi Forest, Woodblock print, Halleck

$39.99 Special Fungi Lover's Price!

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