Complete Book Set

Tiny Plants + Plant Parenting Book Bundle

Two books for houseplant collectors!

"TINY PLANTS" is SOLD OUT, BUT MORE ARE ON THE WAY! I may not be able to guarantee holiday delivery for 2023, but I should still be able to get them shipped to you in time for gift giving. Feel free to order if delivery before Christmas is not absolutely mandatory and I'll ship your order as soon as the new stock arrives, which should be by Dec. 8th.

Love indoor plants and all thing plant propagation? This special-price book bundle is for you! Get Leslie's two latest books:

"Plant Parenting", which covers all basic plant propagation techniques

AND her new book

"Tiny Plants" perfect for indoor plant collectors with limited space or desire to acquire more species.

SHIPPING & HANDLING NOTE: We ship via USPS. You will have a tracking link in your confirmation email. It may also take a little time for me to get books signed and to get them in the mail to you after you place your order. I work to be as quick as I can, but I'm not Amazon! Many thanks.


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