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GREEN INDUSTRY: Career Coaching & Small Business Consultation

One-time Career & Small Business Coaching

Need help defining your career goals and path, or help jump starting or growing your own business in the horticulture industry? Are you a solopreneur just starting a small green industry business, or currently operating one with limited success? If you need to jump start your horticulture career, or your small green industry business, I'm here to help! I typically start new clients with an initial pre-paid Business/Career Coaching Consultation: Includes an initial 1-hour meeting with me to assess your current green industry career or business challenges and opportunities, clarify your goals, and create action items to help you make decisions and move forward. Plus a follow up accountability session. Sessions are usually held over Go-to-Meeting or Zoom, but can also be held over a regular phone call.

  • After we schedule your initial meeting, you will be emailed a set of questions and instructions for you to review and answer before your session, and you'll send your answers to us before your call. Leslie will spend time reviewing your business and information, and any questions, provided before your call. Please use the Contact form if you'd like to discuss appointment scheduling in advance.
  • During the consultation Leslie will review with you your challenges and goals, answer your questions, and provide guidance for specific action items and clear decisions to get you started in the right direction.

FOLLOW UP: Your session then comes with a 30 minute Follow-up Call, to review progress on your action items and review any follow up questions. You will need to contact us directly to schedule your Consulting Follow-up, which must be scheduled within 90-days of your original Consulting Session. If we don't hear from you within the 90-day period, you'll forfeit your follow up call.

Ongoing Coaching: Once you've completed your initial consultation, you can book additional consulting time on an as-needed hourly basis or on a set week or monthly schedule, with an hourly or monthly retainer consulting agreement. You'll then be invoiced monthly at our standard hourly career/business coaching rate.


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