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Cater to city dwellers Features: Meet the growing needs of urban gardeners

Cover Story: Meet the growing needs of urban gardeners by adding edible transplants to your mix.

Shouldering Consumer Wants

Retailers are looking to growers and breeders to provide the inventory their customers are looking for.

Take The Wheel

Put yourself in the driver’s seat of your online reputation by managing online reviews.

It’s Time To Do Some Soul Searching

Combat the horticultural identity crisis and redefine your garden center.

Ditch the 90s Look!

Hey Green Industry and Garden Center businesses...update your website!

What’s In a Name?

Redefine your garden center by examining your name and branding.

Don’t Resist Change

One of the most important questions everyone in the green-industry supply chain should be asking is: Are we relevant to younger home owners?

You want to sell me what? Backyard Chickens…

Harvest the benefits of an urban flock by tapping into the backyard chicken keeping trend.

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