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Manners Matter

In retail? Don't forget your manners!

Ditch the 90s Look!

Hey Green Industry and Garden Center businesses...update your website!

What’s In a Name?

Redefine your garden center by examining your name and branding.

You want to sell me what? Backyard Chickens…

Harvest the benefits of an urban flock by tapping into the backyard chicken keeping trend.

I Feel a Salad Coming On…

If you’re new to vegetable gardening in Texas, you might not realize how productive our fall and winter gardens can be.

Local Gardening Expert Digs Up New Business Niche

Press Release: Local Gardening Expert Digs Up New Business Niche

Bearded Iris

Looking for tough, easy-to-grow perennials for hot climates? Iris are easy and beautiful.

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