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Why I am not a master gardener…

Ok folks, we need to have a chat about what does, and doesn’t, qualify as a professional certification in the Horticulture industry. Why do we need to have this conversation? Because homeowners keep asking us professionals whether or not we’re master gardeners.

Don’t Resist Change

One of the most important questions everyone in the green-industry supply chain should be asking is: Are we relevant to younger home owners?

Summer Fruits!

Planting even one fruit tree is a small investment that can yield years of delicious fruit for eating and baking. Many fruits are easy to grow in Texas with minimal effort.

Edible Flowers for the Summer Garden

Edible flowers make a wonderful complement to salads and desserts. While the most commonly used edible flowers tend to be those of cool-season plants like viola and calendula, the summer garden also has a bounty of edible blooms to offer.

Cestrum ‘Orange Zest’

Despite its beauty and toughness in the garden, Cestrum aurantiaum isn’t well known by many Texas gardeners. Also known as orange jessamine, this tropical shrub can be grown as an evergreen perennial in many parts of the state.

Petunia ‘Black Velvet’

'Black Velvet' is the world's first solid black petunia. I was instantly drawn to its deep purple-black glossy blooms, over which you can't help but ooh and ahh. The contrast is unusual and eye-catching and makes this petunia the perfect companion for foliage plants like purple fountain grass, purple sweet potato vine and euphorbia.

Osteospermum for Early Spring Color

If you’re like me, there really isn’t any time of the year when you’re not hankering to plant color in your garden. Come February, I’m already itching to get started on my spring garden.

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