It’s no wonder that zinnias are so popular, given their ease of care and non-stop blooms.


Zinnias grow best in full sun. The soil should be fertile, rich in organic matter, moist and well drained. Deadhead to prolong blooming and to keep plants looking neat.


Zinnias are useful in beds, borders and containers. The dwarf selections can be used as edging plants. These plants provide wonderful fall color and attract butterflies to the garden.


Z. angustifolia (Mexican bush zinnia) is a low, mounding, mildew-resistant plant that bears yellow, orange or white flowers. It grows 8–16" tall. Cultivars are available in bright, vivid colors and a range of sizes.

Z. x hybrida Profusion Series is extremely heat and drought tolerant and has a mounding growth habit. Plants grow to 18" tall and 24" wide. They are disease tolerant with eight bloom colors. ‘Orange,’ ‘White’ and ‘Cherry’ are All-America Selections Gold Medal Winners.

Features: bushy habit; flowers in shades of red, orange, yellow, pink, red, magenta, white or bicolored

Height: 8–18"

Spread: 12–24"

Notes: Mildew can be a problem for zinnias, so choose mildew-resistant cultivars and grow them in locations with good air circulation.

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