Wishbone Flower

Wishbone FlowerTorenia

Wishbone flower produces unique blooms in shades of blue. Be sure to point them out to children, who are often intrigued by familiar shapes showing up in strange places.


Wishbone flower is a versatile plant in that it can be grown in any light from full sun to full shade. In sunny conditions, plants have a mounded growth habit. In full shade they act as a prostrate ground cover. The soil should be fertile, light, humus rich and moist. This plant requires regular watering.

Don’t cover the seeds when planting; they require light to germinate.


Wishbone flower is very soothing and subtle because of the cool-colored blooms. It blends well in a shade garden. It can be massed in a shaded bed or border, used as an edging plant or added to mixed containers and hanging baskets.


T. fournieri hybrids are vigorous and excellent for containers. The Catalina Series offers up unique yellow-throated blooms. The Summer Wave Series offers up blooms in blue, purple and violet and is outstanding in Texas gardens.

Features: attractive, interesting, purple, pink, blue, violet, burgundy, white or bicolored flowers

Height: 4–12" (depending on sun or shade)

Spread: up to 36"


Wishbone flower gets its name from the arrangement of the stamens (male parts) in the center of the flower.

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