Thrift, or phlox, is a profuse bloomer for two to four weeks early in the year, this prostrate, creeping perennial always offers up a cheerful welcome in spring.


Plant thrift in full sun for the best blooms; late afternoon shade is tolerated. Plants are adapted to many different soil conditions, but well-drained soil is best. Thrift tolerates heat and drought.

Shear flowers off after plants finish blooming to encourage lush new foliage growth. Fertilize after the bloom period is finished.


Use this evergreen bloomer as an edging for perennial beds, retaining walls, rock gardens and pathways. Tuck it into spaces around roses and perennials that may be dormant in late-winter or early spring. Thrift is also excellent in containers.


P. subulata is a small creeping evergreen perennial that is herbaceous when young but can become semi-woody over time. Plants are one of the earliest perennials to bloom in spring and are covered with pinks, blue, lavender or white flowers. Thrift is an evergreen carpet-like plant with small needle-like leaves. Out of bloom, it resembles a large patch of moss.

Features: evergreen foliage; pale blue, lavender, pink or white, early spring flowers

Height: 6"

Spread: 36"

Hardiness: zones 3–9

Note: Thrift attracts butterflies.

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