Spring Star Flower

Spring Star FlowerIpheion

What is more representative of a new spring season than a blooming, bulbous perennial with wildflower appeal? Spring star flower is unique and is deserving of wider use throughout the South.


Spring star flower grows well in full sun or partial shade. It performs well in almost any well-drained soil.

The bulbs should be planted approximately 2" deep and 2" apart from one another in fall. Division is unnecessary because the plants become more attractive as they multiply into larger clumps.


Spring star flower is ideal for naturalizing in lawns and woodlands. You can also plant spring star flower in groups around the base of larger-growing bulbs and perennials.


I. uniflorum is a vigorous, clump-forming perennial that emerges from a bulbous root. It produces narrow, strap-like foliage and single flowers with overlapping petals. The flowers are often a pale silvery blue. Many cultivars with scented, white, deep violet, pink or lilac blue flowers are available at your local garden center.

Features: star-shaped, fragrant, colorful flowers; habit

Height: 6–8"

Spread: 4–6"

Hardiness: zones 6–9


Spring star flower is best planted in fall. To plant in lawns, use a trowel to lift a small piece of turf and insert bulbs about 3” deep. Replace patch of turf; it’s that easy!

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