Salvias should be part of every annual garden—the attractive and varied forms have something to offer every style of garden. Annual salvias are excellent hummingbird plants.


All salvia plants prefer full sun but tolerate light shade. The soil should be moist, well drained and of average to rich fertility, with a lot of organic matter.

To keep plants producing flowers, water often and fertilize monthly.


Salvias look excellent grouped in beds and borders and in containers. The flowers are long lasting and make good cut flowers for arrangements.


S. coccinea (hummingbird sage, scarlet sage) is a bushy, upright plant that bears whorled spikes of white, pink, blue or purple flowers. In warmer parts of the state, hummingbird sage can survive winter. ‘Coral Nymph’ and ‘Lady in Red’ are two excellent varieties.

S. splendens (tropical sage, scarlet sage) is grown for its spikes of bright red, tubular flowers. Recently, cultivars have become available with flowers in white, pink, purple or orange. ‘Sizzler’ is an excellent recent introduction in red, while ‘Wendy’s Wish’ is a vigorous, tall, pink-blooming variety.

Also called: sage

Features: colorful, summer flowers; attractive foliage

Height: 16–30"

Spread: 9–14"


With over 900 species of Salvia, you’re sure to find one you’ll like for your garden.

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