Moneywort, Lysimachia

Moneywort is a lovely, low-growing, ground-covering perennial prized for its colorful foliage.



Moneywort grows well in light shade or partial shade. The soil should be of average fertility, humus rich and moist. Divide this plant in spring or fall. The trailing stems can be cut back if they begin to spread farther than you would like.


An attractive and carefree addition to a moist border, moneywort is also a good plant to along a rock wall or in a container where the trailing stems have room to spread freely. Moneywort is also excellent for planting between stepping stones and tolerates light foot traffic.


L. nummularia is a prostrate, spreading plant with trailing stems. It bears bright yellow flowers in summer. A yellow-leaved cultivar called ‘Aurea’ is popular and is frequently available.

Also called: creeping Jenny

Features: yellow flowers; attractive foliage

Height: 2–4"

Spread: 18" or more

Hardiness: zones 2–8


Moneywort can be used as a trailing plant in shade containers and hanging baskets.

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