Mexican Plum

Mexican Plum, Prunus

Nothing heralds the coming of spring like the highly fragrant white blooms of the Mexican plum. With blooms, fruit and a compact size, Mexican plums are an all-in-one solution tree for small spaces or urban landscapes.



Plant in a full sun location or as an understory tree, as plants will tolerate late-day shade. Plants typically prefer well-drained soils and it is naturally found growing in the rich soils of river bottoms, open wooded areas and prairie fields. Plant slightly above grade so as to ensure better drainage. This tree does not sucker, as many other native plums do.


Plant as a spring blooming specimen tree. Excellent for small spaces and urban settings, as trees rarely interfere with power lines due to their size.


P. Mexicana Texas native tree; small single trunked tree with fragrant white blooms before leaves emerge in spring. Dark, rough bark. Plants can grow anywhere from 15’-35’, but are most often seen in the 20’-25’ range.

Features:  Highly fragrant white blooms in spring followed by rosy pink fruit in summer. Fruit can be eaten fresh or made into preserves. Birds and mammals also consume fruit.

Height: avg. 25’

Spread: avg. 25’

Hardiness: zones 6-9

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