These mounding plants are admired for the bright white bracts that surround their tiny flowers. A second show of color appears in fall when the leaves turn purple, red or orange.


Euphorbia grows well in full sun or light shade, in moist, well-drained, humus-rich soil of average fertility. This plant is drought tolerant and can be invasive in fertile soil. It does not tolerate wet conditions and requires good drainage. Plant it in spring or fall.


Use euphorbia in a mixed or herbaceous borders. It is especially attractive in mixed container plantings and hanging baskets.


E. graminea ‘Diamond Frost’ is a Proven Winners, award-winning annual that produces airy, white flowers in great abundance, slightly obscuring the delicate, dark green foliage. It grows 12–18" tall and 10–12" wide.

E. marginata, a native annual, is a vigorous, bushy plant that has bright green, oval leaves with clear white margins. Petal-like, white bracts surround tiny clusters of flowers in summer. ‘Summer Icicle’ is a dwarf selection with variegated foliage.

Also called: ghostweed

Features: colorful bracts; low maintenance

Height: 12–24"

Spread: 10–12"


You may wish to wear gloves when handling this plant, because the sap contains latex, which can irritate the skin.

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