Cosmos is a low-cost, low-maintenance, cottage-garden flower that is easy to grow and never fails to delight. It can handle the toughest, hottest, driest conditions.


Cosmos likes full sun and soil of average fertility that is well drained. Over-fertilizing and overwatering can reduce the number of flowers. Deadhead to encourage more flowers.

Plant out transplants or direct sow the seeds into warm soil after the last frost. Cosmos often self-seeds.


Cosmos looks attractive in cottage gardens, in borders or mass planted in informal beds. A second sowing in midsummer provides a colorful fall show.


C. bipinnatus is taller growing with large, white, pink or magenta blooms. Sonata Series and ‘Seashells’ are popular varieties.

C. sulphureus (yellow cosmos) is an erect, dense plant that bears gold, orange, scarlet or yellow flowers.

Features: gold, orange, yellow, scarlet, white, pink or magenta flowers; attractive foliage; easy to grow

Height: 12–36"

Spread: 12–24"


The name cosmos is from the Greek kosmos, meaning “good order” or “harmony.”

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