Bugleweed, Ajuga

Often labeled as a rampant runner, bugleweed grows best where it can roam freely. It provides colorful, low-growing foliage and beautiful blue flowers.


Bugleweed develops the best leaf color in partial shade or light shade but tolerates full shade. The leaves may become scorched when exposed to too much sun. Any well-drained soil is suitable.

Divide these vigorous plants any time during the growing season. Remove any new growth or seedlings that don’t show the hybrid leaf coloring.


Bugleweed makes an excellent groundcover for difficult sites, such as exposed slopes and dense shade. It is also attractive in shrub borders.


A. reptans is a low, quick-spreading groundcover. The many cultivars are grown for their colorful, often variegated foliage. Look for ‘Burgundy Glow,’ ‘Catlin’s Giant’ and ‘Variegata,’ just to name a few.

Features: purple, blue, pink or white, late spring to early summer flowers; colorful foliage

Height: 3–6"

Spread: 24–36"

Hardiness: zones 3–9


Bugleweed’s dense growth prevents the spread of all but the most tenacious weeds.

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