Blue Sky Vine

Blue Sky Vine, Thunbergia

Blue sky vine is a stunning climber. Its late bloom time and huge, lavender blue, morning glory–like flowers make this vine a showstopper in any garden.


Blue sky vine performs best in full sun or light shade. Grow it in fertile, well-drained soil that is high in organic matter.

When temperatures dip below 25° F, this vine typically dies to the ground, but it will re-emerge when temperatures warm in spring.


Blue sky vine is a tenacious grower that requires support. Be sure to provide a sturdy trellis or fence. Add this vine to areas that need a burst of color in fall.


T. grandiflora is a vigorous, twining climber with fleshy, green vines and large, leathery leaves. It bears large, blue to lavender flowers in late summer and fall. Var. variegata has variegated foliage.

Features: twining habit; large, light blue to lavender blue flowers; leathery, heart-shaped foliage

Height: 20'

Spread: 15'

Hardiness: zones 8–11 (may be root hardy in zone 7)


Blue sky vine can be grown in large containers with a topiary frame and overwintered indoors to keep it evergreen.

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