With its loose, airy spikes of orchid-like flowers, angelonia makes a welcome addition to any garden.


Angelonia prefers full sun but tolerates some afternoon shade. The soil should be fertile, moist and well drained. Although this plant grows naturally in damp areas, such as along ditches and near ponds, it is fairly drought tolerant. Plant out after the chance of frost has passed.


Added to an annual or mixed border, angelonia looks most attractive when planted in groups. It is also well suited to a pondside or streamside planting.


A. angustifolia is a bushy, upright plant with loose spikes of flowers in varied shades of purple. Cultivars with white or bicolored flowers are available, including Angelface Series, Angelmist Series and Serena Series, which is a Texas Superstar® plant.

Also called: angel wings, summer snapdragon

Features: attractive purple, blue, pink, white or bicolored flowers

Height: 12–24"

Spread: 12"

Notes: The individual flowers look a bit like orchid blossoms, but angelonia is actually in the same family as snapdragons.]

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