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Here at HH Headquarters we blend our skills to best meet your needs: We keep one hand in horticulture, and the other hand in your green industry business. Whether you're looking to grow a better landscape, or a better business, we have the tools tools to help you grow your game.

Green Industry Business Consulting & Career Coaching

Leslie helps fine tune your green industry business, or emerging business, with industry-specific, business development coaching, marketing strategy planning, target customer profiling, and network connections. We can also coach your managers with training, staffing issues, budgeting and inventory control strategies. Training manual development. Plus, perform market research and case studies. Are you an individual professional in the green industry? If you're looking for some one-one-one guidance to help you develop your career or new business, we can help. If you're a student, recent graduate, or newbie working member of the industry, we'll help you out on the pricing structure.

Horticultural Marketing & Branding

Don't have an on-staff Chief Marketing Officer, or need help improving your current company, plant line, or product strategy and brand? Leslie helps you develop an overall marketing strategy or marketing plan for your business or product. Leslie also provides creative direction and help you develop your company or product branding from scratch or refresh existing branding with fresh and relevant creative direction, concept work, and messaging development. We partner with a bevy of talented designers that can get your final graphic art and art production needs taken care of while we manage the overall project. If you have employees or contract designers you already like working with, we can plug into your existing team to provide creative direction and technical guidance.

Industry specific copywriting and copyediting for your technical and marketing needs. Copywriting for horticultural books, blogs, catalogs, articles, whitepapers, advertising pieces and advertorials, company websites, print collateral, product packaging. Original and horticulturally correct copywriting for a variety of industry segment blogs such as landscaping, arbor care, design, garden centers, and growers.

Media/Public Speaking

Leslie is a keynote level speaker and regular on the green industry speaking circuit. She presents on a variety of horticultural, green industry business, marketing, and company culture topics. Leslie will also speak at key public gardening events. Leslie is available for gardening related print, TV and radio interviews or segments. As a freelance writer, she provides article features, monthly columns, and photos for your industry or consumer horticulture & gardening publications.

Popular Current Speaking Topics Include:

Keynotes & Management/Marketing

  • Dealing with Change and Letting Go of Fear
  • Extend & Expand Your Selling Seasons
  • Green Industry Recruiting: Attract, Grow & Keep Right Employees
  • Mastering the Art of Mentoring and Being Mentored
  • Becoming a More Powerful Communicator
  • Women in Horticulture: Maximize Your Power as a Woman in the Workforce
  • Women in Horticulture: Strategies for Challenging Gender Bias; Use Your Power to Your Advantage
  • Women in Horticulture: Discover Your Power
  • Plant Parenting: Connect & Cultivate Plant-Keeping Trends and Marketing
  • Are you Digitally Relevant? Marketing Your Green Industry Business


  • Restoring the Landscape One Backyard at a Time (Also Keynote)
  • Plant Parenting: Plant Propagation & Care for New Plant Parents
  • Gardening Under Lights: Gear & Growing Techniques for the Indoor Garden
  • Gardening Under Lights: Grow Food Indoors Year-round
  • Indoor Gardening: Gardening and Plantscaping Under Lights
  • Urban Backyard Veggie Gardening & Composting
  • Edible Landscaping
  • Raising Backyard Chickens
  • I also host Plant Parenting PLANT SWAPS

Commercial Horticultural Consulting

Leslie F. Halleck, M.S., CPH

As a degreed and Certified Professional Horticulturist (ASHS), Leslie provides horticultural consulting to commercial clients such as greenhouse growers, landscape architects, design & build firms, landscape maintenance companies, and companies that create horticultural products. We support your work with site and plan review, plant recommendations, design enhancements and adjustments, maintenance recommendations and plans, greenhouse production improvements, grow lighting plans, product sourcing, technical copywriting, and product development support. Consulting can be as-needed or with ongoing monthly retainers.

Leslie can plug-in to work directly with you and your staff on your needs, or help you by communicating directly with your client. Leslie's extensive sales and management experience comes in handy. Sometimes when you need to tell your client "no, that won't work" it can be helpful to have a CPH to back you up. Conversely, when you need to sell a great idea or solution, a CPH's stamp of approval can close the deal.

Leslie takes a no-nonsense approach to horticulture; if you have a plant where it shouldn't be, or a lawn that's just not going to grow in the shade, she won't mince words about it and she won't promise you it can be fixed if she doesn't believe it can be. You'll always get direct and accurate advice as to action you need to take to get your project on track.

As a CPH, Leslie is also qualified to provide detailed reports that can be used for documentation, legal research or reports, legal claims, or expert testimony.

Consultations can be conducted on-site, in our office in East Dallas (near The Dallas Arboretum), or remotely online or phone. Leslie's consulting services can be hired as needed or with an ongoing monthly retainer. Leslie has a 2-hour minimum for on-site consulting services, plus travel time.

Please use the Contact form to drop us a line to discuss your needs.

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