Pygmy Sundew Unboxing Video

TINY PLANT UNBOXING? You asked for it!

Ok, I’m giving you a behind the scenes on an unboxing of my Pygmy sundew order I received yesterday from California Carnivores (this is NOT sponsored in any way, just another in a long series of public admissions of my plant buying addiction).

Pygmy sundews (Drosera spp.) are one of my very favorite ITTY BITTIEST plants that are great in a sunny window or lighted grow shelf. And YES they are most happy outdoors so you can also keep them outside on your balcony or patio. I walk you through the 6 species I received in this order plus a few fun care tidbits and how you can nerd out even more on carnivorous plants.

If you’re interested in the info on morphology or propagules like gemmae, you should join my Botany for Gardeners Course, online, through UCLA Extension Horticulture. You can also check out my books “Tiny Plants” or “Plant Parenting”.

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