The Foodscape Revolution

By Brie Arthur

Edible landscaping is not a new concept; many of us practice it in our own gardens. But for many emerging gardening enthusiasts, mixing edibles and flowers is a completely foreign concept. I remember when I found a neighbor standing out in my front garden with a seriously puzzled look on their face: “I didn’t know you could plant lettuce along with your flowers in your front yard!”

Taking Foodscaping from perplexing to productive is Author Brie’s specialty. She’s spent years crafting a system in her own landscape that you can use step-by-step to transform your garden spaces from just pretty, to pretty + productive. I always say, you need to get the most out of your garden real estate. Brie will help you do just that. Her approach is down to earth and easy to understand, so there’s no need to be intimidated by her projects. She starts you out with a solid garden foundation from which you can experiment and make your own. Plus, she even gives you some recipes you can put to work once you start harvesting the fruits of your labor (including her famous Bloody Mary mix!) Join Brie in her passion to bring homegrown food to every suburban, and urban, landscape.

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