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Green Industry Business & Product Consultation

Take your business, brand, or product idea to the next level.

Working on key business development issues in your business? Need branding direction? Developing a green industry/agricultural product or service and need some insider perspective and advice? You might not be ready for ongoing consulting with me or project work, but you need a one-time session to help you kickstart your next steps. I get many such calls from business owners and entrepreneurs who are experiencing business challenges, or are developing new products and services.

Making progress with your business or new product can be a daunting task that overwhelms even the most driven people. Sometimes you need external perspective, experience, and connections to help you clear the right path to profit.

“If you're looking to 'pick my brain', this is the consulting session for you. ​”


You Business & Product Consulting Session includes 1-hour online or phone with Leslie to assess your current green industry business challenge and product opportunities, fine tune your goals, and create action items to help you make decisions and more forward. Sessions are usually held over Go-to-Meeting, but can also be on a regular phone call.

  • Once you pre-pay for your session, you'll be contacted by us within 72-hours to schedule your live consulting session within 30-days of payment (dependent on both parties' availability)
  • We may email you a short set of questions and instructions for you to review and answer before your session, and you'll preferably send your answers to us before your call. Leslie will spend 20-30 minutes reviewing and researching your information before your call.
  • During the consulting session Leslie will review your business or product with you, answer your questions, and provide guidance and advice on how to move forward successfully.

Your session then comes with a 30 minute Follow-up Call, to review progress on your action items and review any follow up questions. You will need to contact us directly to schedule your Consulting Follow-up, which must be scheduled within 90-days of your original Consulting Session. If you would prefer to have the initial meeting be 1.5 hours and skip the follow up call, that works too.

Cancellation: You may cancel your Consulting Session within 30-days of pre-payment for a full refund. If we've attempted to contact you more than once, with no response from you, the session becomes non-refundable after 30-days.

Follow up Consulting: After your initial consultation, you can book additional consulting time or business coaching with Leslie as needed or on a set schedule, with an ongoing consulting agreement. You'll then be invoiced directly at our standard hourly business consulting rates henceforth. Hourly ongoing consulting rates are softened from our standard one-time rates.


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