Patio Party Hibiscus

*This line of Hibiscus has since been re-branded as Hollywood Hibiscus, but much of our original branding concepts, brand names, theme, and plant cultivar names persists in the new branding. We're proud to have created such a fun and relevant brand concept that garden consumers can connect with.

To be released in 2015: J.Berry Nursery hired us to fully brand their proprietary line of tropical hibiscus. We created the series theme, name, varieties names, and the marketing language surrounding the campaign and each variety. We wanted to focus on highlighting the plants as the perfect patio planter feature, as well as create a personal connection with each variety. Customers often need a quick and easy way to enhance their patio, deck or other outdoor entertaining space. Hence, the Patio Party line was born!

The Patio Party Hibiscus line offers up a bevy of colors and styles to fit any personality. Which party personality are you? Each variety was given a distinct personality that fit their characteristics...and those of people who'd love them. Patio Party Hibiscus are perfect for table top decor, hostess gifts and for drop-in instant color in your patio planters.

The creative concept for this branding was meant to cater to grocery store, mass merchant and independent garden center impulse sales. In addition to creating the branding for the line, we provided the concepts and copy for colorful instructive pots and tags. The info-graphic styled instructions on the back of the pots to help customers create a planter project on their own, even if sales staff was not available to assist them. Copy includes specific information on the types of planters to use, soil mixes, care instructions and companion plants.

J.Berry Nursery received the “Cool New Product” Award at the TPIE Show (Tropical Plant Industry Show) in Fort Lauderdale in January 2015 for the Patio Party Hibiscus series.

Varieties we named in the series:
Hibiscus 'Queen Bee'
Hibiscus 'Party Crasher'
Hibiscus 'Chatty Cathy'
Hibiscus 'Socialite'
Hibiscus 'Fashionista'
Hibiscus 'Best Friend'
Hibiscus 'Disco Diva'
Hibiscus 'First to Arrive'
Hibiscus 'Hot Head'
Hibiscus 'Jolly Polly'

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