Soils Alive, Inc.

We worked with Soils Alive with the original owner, Michael Bosco, early in 2013, and then the new owner, Brad Young from late 2013 until 2017, on many marketing initiatives including company rebranding and and a new company logo, a new website design, ongoing blog and website content, PR, and advertising creative direction, as well as marketing consulting.

Testimonial: "I began working with Halleck Horticultural when I purchased my company in 2013 and I have worked with Leslie on several different projects over the past three years. The first project we worked on together was a complete rebranding of the company, which included a complete redesign of our company’s website, company logo and marketing collateral. The level of communication between my company and Halleck Horticultural was excellent. Halleck Horticultural also assists my company by creating content for our customer newsletter and blog. Their efforts have contributed a great deal to improving the level of communication between us and our expanding customer base. Working with Halleck Horticultural allows me to focus on running the company instead of spending a good portion of my time managing all of these functions in house. I could not be any happier with the manner in which Halleck Horticultural managed the development process."

Brad Young, Owner, Soils Alive

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