North Haven Gardens

We helped North Haven Gardens with Blogging and content services, marketing consultation, seasonal plant bookings and retail purchasing strategy. As Dallas’ Destination Garden Center. North Haven Gardens has been a fixture since 1951, when The Pinkus family opened up North Haven Gardens what was once a country lane.

--Testimonial, Cody Hoya, General Manager --
“Leslie is the green expert you want on your side. I’ve worked for her as a Garden Advisor and contract merchandiser at North Haven Gardens, and produced workshops and contract container designs for her, as well. Her horticultural expertise makes her an unmatched resource for many in our industry nationwide. Her ability to zero in on professional and organizational weaknesses and turn these into specific opportunities for development, though, is impressive. With an efficient, concise approach to goal-setting and a passion for timely, measurable results, Leslie is the perfectionist to turn to when you’re serious about stepping up your game.”

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