Tomato ‘Sapho’...still harvesting!

July 16, 2011

Still harvesting off my spring planted 'Sapho' plants...

Pulled these beauties off one plant today. Even though they are still producing a small amount of new fruit, I decided to go ahead and pull out the plants and put the new plants in for fall harvest. Even if the plants still look ok through summer, I find that I never get a really good harvest in the fall off of spring-planted tomatoes. Best to go ahead and plant new ones. If you have your fall transplants, get them in the ground ASAP!

Summer Tomato Planting Tip:  The brutal heat and sun this time of year can scortch new tomato transplants. It helps to cover new transplants with some shade cloth or frost cloth (row cover) for a few days until plants get acclimated. You'll also need to water daily until plants root and start to grow.

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