Time to plant your tulips!

January 3, 2010

Yesterday was like a little gardening oasis in the middle of a chilly winter. Lots of lovely sunshine and perfect temperature for working outside. I had a few hundred tulips waiting to be planted and it ended up being just perfect day to get them in the ground. If you're in the South, and you haven't planted your tulips yet, now's the time. In fact, I really don't like recommended that they be planted after the first week of January. Prime time is about the middle through the end of December. We always seem to get just one or two really nice days about that time, so you have to jump on them!

I'm not planting as many tulips as in year's past, but still enough to have a nice display in the front. I stuck with a combination of 'Menton', a lovely peach colored single-late and 'Big Smile', a buttery yellow single-late. Should look lovely with the blue pansies.

Make sure to plant your tulips 6-8" deep from the surface of the soil. That's really important, especially if you plant them late. You can read my post from last year for a bit more detailed info. Now get out there and plant your tulips!

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